Brand Stories: WithCo

When I first met Josh Ellis it was 2017 and he was a real estate agent and investor here in Nashville, TN. I had just opened the Alexis + Bolt brick and mortar and my fiancé and I were ready to find the perfect home in our new community. Josh and I became fast friends as we both share a love for curating experiences and bringing people together! Josh started WithCo as a side project when he saw an opportunity for a brand of high-quality small batch cocktail mixers. 

“With Co stands for “With Company” and and we believe in using cocktails to build community,” says Josh about the brand.

Now I love a good cocktail, but I don’t always have the ingredients or the time to create cocktails, especially when I’m entertaining. I fell in love with this product, not only because it’s delicious, but it allows me to be present instead of worrying about freshening up my guests’ drinks. We even batched these cocktails for parties at Alexis + Both – from Margaritas in the summer time to the Ellis Old Fashioned for men’s shopping events and you can’t forget the seasonal Sweater Weather for our holiday parties!

Each bottle is a batched cocktail mix handmade in Nashville using only fresh, flavorful ingredients and WithCo has done all the prep work for you – the measuring, muddling, straining, and chopping. All you have to do is add ice, a splash of your favorite liquor and give it a stir.

16 oz. bottles wrapped in sleek, minimalist labels that look beautiful on your bar.

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