The New Chapter

5 years! Wow, what an incredible gift it has been to serve Nashville in our beautiful historic “shoppable” home. Unlike “dog years” there is no real way to track time or growth in the world of retail – even at 5 years young, I feel like I’ve been doing this shop-owner thing for a lifetime. It was obvious that we were entering a pivotal moment for the business and our brand and I wanted to mark this occasion a new elevated logo, color palette and exclusive collection.

This collection honors our 5 years in Nashville with motifs and mantras including, 555 – our angel number! Angel numbers are number sequences that contain repetition. Although they may appear in the most ordinary places – on a license plate, house number, even the receipt for your morning iced coffee. Whenever you spot an angel number at a crucial moment in time, it is believed that these numbers offer insight, wisdom and directionality. I worked with designer, Hailey West, to bring the 555 vision together on the exclusive crewneck, t-shirt, tote bag and cap. We also collaborated with Tuff Peach on a Palo Santo candle and had local artist Passo Collective create one-of-a-kind “blob” catch-alls in our new brand colors.

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And finally, to celebrate the 5th birthday rebrand and collection drop, I held an intimate get together with my closest family, friends and shoppers. Hosted in our event space, VERSED, no details were spared!

Dirty martinis were served with blue cheese olives and espresso martinis were topped with a stencil and sprinkled with powdered cocoa revealing our lightning bolt logo. Dried florals were hand-dyed and arranged into ethereal “cloud” installations by Nashville florist Fleur Sure. The after party carried on at our neighboring favorite local bar, Mother’s Ruin.

So excited about what our New Chapter will bring! Thanks for being a part of this new era!