Brand Stories: Nēmah

I am so excited to introduce Nēmah, not only because it is a skin care brand curated by one of my first connections in Nashville, Mary Lawless Lee, but the products are designed to help remedy scars and stretch marks. If you don’t know why this excites me, keep reading and you’ll find out very soon, but before a little life story reveal, let’s travel back to the beginning, December 2016.

Moving is overwhelming. Period. But moving to a big city with no plans or local friends, now that is absolutely terrifying. When I moved to Music City, I didn’t exactly pack my friend group. Instead, it was just me and my, now husband, Brian (and the dogs). Leave it to my mom to set up a blind date with one of her friend’s daughters – next thing I know, I’m headed to a New Year’s Eve party hosted by the absolutely lovely Mary Lawless (now, Lee)! I soon learned that Mary was an ICU nurse turned blogger who has since garnered a massive social media following on Instagram of ~1M! Over the next 5 years, we would celebrate each other’s success, like the launch of Mary’s Nashville shop, Happily Grey. Alexis + Bolt’s former sister space, VERSED, hosted her gorgeous Boho Dinner Party. And now after two long years of researching, prototyping, and testing, she has launched her very own company, Nēmah!

Out of all the other skin care companies, why should we trust Nēmah? Well, its plain and simple – it was originally created by a mom for other moms – of all stages. Now, I am already extremely selective when it comes to the products I chose to put on my body (as we know, harmful chemicals and environmentally-unfriendly practices are often used in development by other companies), so I can only imagine how those feelings would be immensely magnified by a mother with a growing baby in her tummy. And it’s clear Mary felt the same way as it actually was the lack of safe skin care products that helped to inspire Nēmah’s birth.

It wasn’t solely Mary’s struggles with finding nontoxic skin care products that drove her to create a safe and reliable stretch mark and scar cream. Other moms in her community and the realization that she was not alone in her experience pushed her to find a solution. When Mary got pregnant, she documented her unique journey through motherhood on Instagram, highlighting the raw struggles (including a c-section) and overwhelming joys associated with her nursing experience. Mothers all around the world flooded her inbox with questions about pregnancy and sweet messages of advice and support. However, two simple questions from people in the motherhood community kept showing up time and time again: “What are you using for stretch marks?” And “What are you using for your c-section scar?” But little did they know, that she too was struggling to find reliable and cruelty-free scar treatments that she trusted enough to apply to her skin while pregnant. So instead of continuing her tireless search, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and Nēmah’s Revitalizing Stretch Mark Cream and Restorative Scar Treatment were born.

Designed for the Mama to-be, Mary decided to create what she couldn’t find:

“Clean, rigorously tested, effective formulas that are artfully designed and use the highest percentage possible of plant-derived ingredients. We believe families deserve uncompromised skin care that is both elevated and attainable while driving real results.”

Mary Lawless Lee, Glossy

Not only is Nēmah vegan, cruelty-free and clean, it was originally founded to support the bodies of mothers regardless of their stage of pregnancy. The website serves as both an educational resource as well as a storytelling site to help nurture the motherhood community. From topics like c-sections to morning sickness to breastfeeding and even a baby’s sleep schedule, Nēmah cultivates a safe space where mothers can find a sense of relief and comfort in feeling not alone in their journeys through motherhood.

But, mom or not, these products are for everyBODY.

And, soon I’ll be able to attest to that, too. So that big life story reveal you may or may not have been waiting for… well here it is:

At my annual skin check my dermatologist informed me that I had a few abnormal looking moles. After those biopsies returned, I was given the news that one of my moles had turned severely atypical and I would need to return for a long-line excision surgery and biopsy to remove any potential cancer cells. While the good news is I’m ok, (ladies – you better schedule your skin check!) I was left with an unfortunate scar in the middle of my chest. I’m truly so grateful to have Mary’s Restorative Scar Treatment and plan to document my own personal healing journey on instagram over the next few weeks.

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